2017 Makeup Trends

The 2017 makeup trends can be said to be a tale of two extremes; either a little bit of makeup applied deviously or piles of shine and glitter. Here are examples of new makeup trends you can easily master.

1. Lip gloss

For the previous years, it was all about matte lip, nevertheless, it is incredible to bring back glossin 2017. Liquid matte lips were quite popular for the last couple of years, but the lip gloss is an amazing change giving dimension, youth, and shine.

2. Dimension lips

Bold lips are usually taken to the next level by creating brand new dimensions, that is, from ombre outcome to an overlay of desirable glitter. For a superb effect, apply two different layers such as a satiny lipstick at the base layer with a bit of glitter gloss at the center of your lips.

3. Black Liner Redux

You may have taken a while to perfect, but leave the black cat-eye liner behind in 2016. For 2017, consider having the go-to liner appearance which is all about a black pencil liner traced along the inner waterlines.

4. Work your wand

Once you have nailed your liner, create a pretty eye-opening result with a thickening mascara. Then hold your mascara wand vertically and then apply two coats on the top lashes. To avoid smudges on your eyes, rub the excess mascara from yourwand before you apply it.

5. Glitter forever

In 2017, the glitter trend is going strong. Make sure you wear it in a less precise way than you have tried before. Scatter it on your bottom lashline, letting flecks fall. The less perfect it appears, the more perfect it is.

6. Straight, Boyish Brows

Straight and naturally groomed brows make you feel and look younger. This makeup is on-trend in 2017. Give the powders, pencils, and tweezers a rest, and then reach out for a tinted gel to hold the brushed brows.