Do Guys like Make-up or no Make-up

Hey, ladies, you think you are connoisseurs in alluring your men with those large eyelashes, pink pouts, and rosy cheeks? Be aware! We found them whisper different. Truth is that your fiancé or your hubby may be as strict as your daddy to despise those colors you have put. You may think you can underplay with a subtle tone of blemish on your cheeks and a thin and no-smudge liner of the greatest brands that vouch for you for the “natural beauty” but your men may be as experts as the Milwaukee Roofing Contractor to tell the difference. General girlie conception is that men like it when they see make – up of the other women and are scared to see the colors on those of their own. But truth tells a different tale. Guys feel comfortable with those who are without makeup for may be two reasons – they vale a woman without makeup at par with their own without make-up demeanor or think themselves safe with their rather plain woman. Also maybe they want their own woman to be less captivating for other men.

Business adverts for your beauty cream may tell you a different story. It will show you slyly how your man will admire you when you two shades fairer or have rosier non-chapped lips and a skin as smooth as a Princess. But the next time you gobble those and strain your purse or even tax your man’s wallet just think how you are buying the lame tales. Your guy may just prefer you simple and without the pinks, you strive to get in vain. So ladies cheers, stay cool and keep enticing your guys with the gifts you are already bestowed with. You do not have to be a Cinderella or a lady Hillary to captivate your men. They are already there expecting you to be at your original and simple countenance.